St. Isidore is located 500 km northwest of Edmonton, but only 15 km from the town of Peace River! The hamlet, which is part of the municipality of Northern Sunrise  County, has a population of over 200. It is home to a general store (CO-OP), a church, the Cultural Centre, a French-language public library and private residences.

The Carnaval takes place at the St-Isidore Cultural Center: 4 Rue Bouchard (1st Street on Google)

Carnival of St-Isidore
P.O. BOX 1294
St-Isidore, AB
T0H 3B0

The hamlet of St-Isidore, Alberta was established in 1953 by ten families from the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region of Quebec. St. Isidore was the last community founded in Alberta in the wave of migration from Quebec after World War II. These pioneers worked hard to develop farmland and a vibrant francophone community. Today, the community is still vibrant and reflects the family and cooperative spirit on which it was founded.

St-Isidore and its surroundings offer visitors and residents a wide range of cultural, sporting, family and informational activities. People can attend music and dance performances, outdoor activities, exhibitions and much more. You have to come to the region to really appreciate all that it has to offer.