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Friday 22h30 / Saturday 15h

It was in the furrows of Portneuf County that the idea for Carotté was born in 2013 under the leadership of Médé Langlois. This colorful character is the proud descendant of a line of farmers established along the Chemin du Roy since 1667, and today he continues the ancestral tradition by cultivating the land. From the beginning, folk music has animated the family farm and brought together the inhabitants of the surrounding area. Since childhood, Médé has been immersed in this cultural heritage before discovering punk rock in high school. Seemingly far apart, these two musical currents were ostracized in their respective eras while exalting the same participatory values. Médé naturally nourished the desire to associate them. This desire became a reality after he met Les Quéteux, a group that regularly performs at a local market. To this traditional trio composed of Manuel Lavallée (banjo, harmonica, acoustic guitar, Jew's harp), Étienne Bourré-Denis (fiddle, mandolin, Jew's harp, clapper) and Simon Lavallée (bass) are added two survivors of the punk band Eric Panic: Éric Roberge (vocals) and Max Doré (drums).


Roger Dallaire

Friday 19h / Saturday 21h

Roger Dallaire is a storyteller, musician, actor, puppeteer, folklorist, and...gentleman farmer. His interactive shows reveal the energy, humor and fantasy of an outstanding storyteller and surprising artist.


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Saturday 14h


Joël Lavoie (LaVoie Ferrée)

Friday 21h

Joel Lavoie is an award winning singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer originally from Peace River, Alberta. Joel has been very active in the local Alberta francophone music scene from the early days with his family band Lé Twés (Those Guys) to performing with some of Alberta’s best musicians. Joel has performed on stages across the continent from the celebrations of Alberta’s 100th anniversary, “Alberta at the Smithsonian” in Washington D.C, USA in 2005, to the Winter Olympics of 2010 in Vancouver, and at the Festival de México en el Centro Histórico in 2010 with his ensemble Non-Non-Non.
With his band LaVoie Ferré, Joël is accompanied by the excellent musicians: Daniel Gervais, Jeremiah McDade, Thom Bennet, Pierre-Paul Bugeauld and Manon Reid!


Les Plein Soleil

Friday 19h / Saturday 10h30

This local folk dance troupe has been sharing their passion for jigging and folkore with dancers of all ages for 40 years! The troupe adapts to its environment and presents a colorful show for the Enchanted Forest theme!


Local artists

We will have the chance to discover young artists from our region!